Eyeballs poked.
So, just who does this chick think she is anyway?   And what is up with Shana Wolf?
What the heck is a Shanawolf?
I took the name Shanawolf shortly after I joined the Furry community back in 1998.

I have used the name as my alter ego, my muse and my name de' plume and artist's signature ever since, but it is far
far more than that. As any good pagan, shaman, or  philosopher knows, self naming is part of self definition and

Shanawolf is the embodyment of all I am and ever wish to be. It is how I see myself. It is how I give myself to the
world, and the glass through which I wish the world to see me. I am perhaps more Shanawolf than my origional given
name could ever express.
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More to come!
I am a hack artist; a stumbling writer; burgeoning musician; a fledgling SCAdian; natural philosopher; lover and
student of history; a freshly forged and still cooling fan of Steampunk; Female Bronie; and a total Furry.

I believe in magick; the reality of conscious powers far greater than ourselves; and much, much more.

I live with one foot in the lands of the mundane and the other firmly planted in the lands of dreaming and sacred light.
Faithful Minion
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