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People have perused the studio.
Shanawolf Studios now has it's own

As I have mentioned elsewhere in
Shana's Den, the idea was always on the
back burner to create a commercial side
to my little online silliness.

Well, in order to keep as
my own personal, non-commercial outlet
and tribute site, we have opened up a
new site just for the studio.

Here we will keep you informed as my
husband and I move out into the world at
conventions, shows, fairs and events to
sell our wares.

We are also pleased to say, several of
our creative friends have shown interest
in having us carry their works as well.

The studio site is, and will probably
always be a work in progress, so if you
are interested, look in from time to time
and watch as the new site takes shape.

Ta for now,
Net  Toons
By Shanawolf